Intentions… the things we INTEND to do. The grand plans that fill our minds when we should be sleeping. The magical promises we make ourselves about the mystical land of “ToMoRrOw”…

I’m writing to you from my kitchen table. It’s still dark outside and the only things keeping me pinned to this chair are the heated blanket on my lap and this huge cup of coffee. When we decided to do these 12 days in a row of blog posts, I had it ALL planned out. I was in charge of the odd days. I’d spend a few hours a day writing a few of the blogs at a time so that they were ready to go and I didn’t have to stress about them. It would be stress free and easy peasy! HA! How am I still so optimistic about myself?? Here I am, on day 9… writing the blog for day 9. Nothing has really changed since High School.

My style always made mom a little anxious. She was always on top of things, and was type A down to her core. The house was always clean, supper was always cooked, and she was always where she was supposed to be 10 minutes before she was supposed to be there. I, on the other hand am the self proclaimed procrastination princess, the queen of last minute, and the captain of walking into a room so late that everyone turns and stares. But I promise I have always had pretty good intentions.. at least I think. My heart is usually coming from the right place, even if I’m not as efficient as my mom. (gosh, is anyone?!?) Maybe you’re someone like me who’s always behind, but truly means the best. I wrote the to do list, I even taped it to the mirror! I sorted the laundry, I even started a load! (not to mention it’s now sour in the washer because I forgot about it…) I set my alarm for 5, but I snoozed until 5:50… you see the pattern here.

One of my favorite holidays is New Years because I LOVE the idea of a fresh start. Every year I make all these goals, I write all these lists, I organize the binders, I fill out the planners…. and a week later it’s stacked in the corner of my room collecting dust because something called real life has snatched me away from the Pinterest perfect ideas I have about the way that my year should go. I can’t help myself, I’m a dreamer. Life improvements, house improvements, and self improvements draw me in. I spend hours organizing Pinterest boards that depict my dream life, and sometimes when I come back to reality I’m honestly kind of disappointed. Guys I’m not telling you to stop dreaming big. I am ALL about big dreams, but don’t get so caught up on the little things that you overlook the big picture. So what that I don’t do a load of laundry every other day the way I intend to so it’s always caught up and folded? I have clothes to wear! So what that I didn’t pack my lunch the night before because I was too exhausted? The ramen tastes better than the salad would have anyways! So what that I’m writing this blog at an ungodly hour because I couldn’t pull it together yesterday?? Being real is what this blog is about! These are small goals, but it applies to the big things too. It’s okay if it doesn’t all go to plan.. as the great philosopher Miranda Lambert says “it’ll all come out in the wash”.

I don’t have a magical potion that will make us into Amandas, and I don’t have a formula for accomplishing your to do list. In fact, I can’t even give you much advice because clearly I’m not qualified.. but if you’re someone like me then know that you’re not the only one. Go ahead, write the list.. sometimes it makes us feel better. But don’t stress so much about marking things off that you forget the things that are truly important: Living your life and loving your people with no regrets.


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