Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:12

Having a sister is one of the best and worst relationships in the entire world.  A sister knows you from the time you are born which means she knows everything about you and I do mean EVERYTHING.  A sister is your first best friend and if you are like me probably your first enemy.  I grew up with two sisters.  Amanda the oldest, Pam the middle and then there is me.  I would say they saved the best for last, but I have too often been asked the question “You are Amanda and Pam’s sister?” with a look like I was from an alien planet so I will just say I am different from my sisters.  No better, no worse I hope, but different for sure.  Collectively we were often referred to as The Glenn sisters.  Independently I was just referred to as Amanda and Pam’s little sister or my mother’s favorite…Amanda, Pam, whatever your name is and that was followed by the command to stop whatever I was doing wrong. 

To be honest I was usually doing something wrong…like talking when I should not be talking.  But hey, I like to talk.  My second favorite was touching my sisters when they didn’t want to be touched.  We used to have one of those super cool station wagons with the wood look paneling down the side.  You know like the Brady bunch had in their TV series?  Anyway, when we would go on trips, we all had to sit in the back seat, and I always had to sit in the middle.  I hated sitting in the middle.  You cannot get comfortable in the middle.  My sisters expected me to sit in the middle and not touch them.  So, I would sit there and touch them.  I would touch them with just the point of my index finger.  Of course I did this only when mama and daddy were not looking.  As soon as they would scream, “Dana is touching me!”  I would pull my finger away and in mock innocence deny their accusations pointing out their awful plot to always get me in trouble because they hate me and always want to get me in trouble and why do I have to sit in the middle and oh poor me!!!!  Guess what?  Mama and daddy believed me!  This resulted in me being able to lay down in the seat right across my sisters’ laps so I was REALLY touching them.  Never underestimate the power of the baby of the family and the devious mind of a future lawyer.  What is the point of this story?  Sisters have stories!  Lots of stories that nobody would get but us!  After this trip I would only have to raise my finger and they would say “Dana is touching me!” and we would laugh and laugh.

Siblings share a unique memory bank of experiences.   These are memories they share with no one else, not their spouses, their parents or their children.  These shared experiences bond you in a way that only siblings understand.  My mama used to tell us “Girls, love your sisters, they will be there for you when everyone else lets you down.”  As usual mama was right.  My sisters have never failed me.  Not once.  Have they told me I was wrong? Yes.  Have they disagreed with me?  Of course.  However, they have always had my back.  There is an unspoken rule among siblings.  If you have a brother or sister you will understand.  I can talk about my sisters all I want.  I can say whatever I want about them good or bad, but nobody else better!  You talk about my sisters and heaven help you when I find you.  I talk about them out of love.  Your malicious talk cannot be tolerated.  J

When Pam and I lost Amanda it literally felt like losing a limb.  Amanda was the leader of our group.  She planned all the vacations, parties, family gatherings and held us all together.  Pam is the peacemaker and the steady one.  I am the talker, the entertainer, the enforcer.  We all had a place.  We all had a different personality but it worked and we needed each other.  We still need each other.  I miss her.  However, life moves on and we must learn to adjust. 

I now tell our stories to her children and my children.  Pam and I still burst out in strange songs that nobody else understands and will kick your butt on board games.  Moving forward is strange without her.  She is still here though.  All I have to do is start humming “I wish I was a teddy bear” or “Delta Dawn” with Pam and we are back in our room at the little house in our bunk beds waiting on mama to come tuck us in.


3 thoughts on “Day 8: Sisters

  1. Amy Bailey says:

    Some of my earliest memories of Fort White, was the long bus ride and you three girls waiting at the bus stop together. That house was always adorable.

  2. Candace Brannen says:

    Beautiful!! Oh how well I connect with this losing my big sister too. You describe the relationship of a sister bond so well. It is a strong bond that death can’t even break!

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